Master the Elements within

powerful, profound, Permanent, personal and spiritual


Through deep healing, integration of all aspects of self, the elevation of personal frequency and a return home to the full expression of who you are

Join 100s of high achieving clients who have achieved awakening and personal liberation through this work

A group community and mastermind experience

For those who have already done more than most people can imagine, yet know there is another level that still awaits them

another layer, another realm, another possibility.

Whether it be love, freedom, fulfillment and


or purpose, passion and potential...

When you are already a world class player the next level is always an inside job

A one of a kind experience

A 6 month to journey into the true you. A space rich with high touch points, intimate calls with a small group of like minded peers where there is space to deepen, ask questions and receive 1:1 coaching and unconscious work. With tons of supportive material in the form of on-demand masterclasses, programs and hypnosis recordings to help you rewire your beliefs, move through invisible glass ceilings, crack open your potential and step into the full expression of who you came here to be.




I am on a mission..

To help my clients awaken their untapped potential, to be more authentically, fully self expressed, to cultivate personal freedom and to expand their capacity to hold and experience love

​To deal with the thoughts, feelings and experiences that come with doing things that most people only dream of and holding a vision that may not be understood by others. ​

I am particularly passionate about doing this with ambitious heart centered men and women in leadership roles, as they are uniquely positioned to create a ripple of positive change as they step into their highest and greatest selves. 

Where you journey through


The sequence to unlock the blueprint of your soul



Step into this sacred space and set powerful, purpose-driven intentions. Discover the invisible parts of yourself that have been hiding in the shadows so that you can elevate them into the light.

Shadow Transmutation

Access and rewire your subconscious mind, updating the primal code that runs you. Understand, heal and release your past freeing yourself from any negative patterns that have been repeating in your life. This is where you lay a new foundation on which your greatness will be built.

Authentic Power Activation

Tap into your Authentic Power and integrate all aspects of yourself into one whole. Identify the unique frequency keys that make up your being and unlock the gift in each of them as you unlock yourself. This is where you turn the tide of your destiny.

Integration & Expansion

Expand your capacity to hold money, sex and influence from a place of deeply embodied personal power. Live on the uncomfortable edge of growth knowing that you can lean in to this supportive container.

Seal in the transformations, ensuring they resonate through every fiber of your being and every facet of your life, becoming not just what you know, but the elevation of who you are. 

See what some of Michael's past clients are saying:

It is from a place of deep truth that you will create a life that exceeds your wildest expectations

You have heard the calling from deep inside. It has been growing for quite a while but is now undeniable

You have tried to ignore it at times but your soul is calling you forward. 

You are one who has already created so much, you have worked on mindset, pursued your dreams and achieved a level mastery over yourself. Yet you know there is more. 

A feeling deep inside propels you forward, a knowing. You have looked at all the traditional templates for success, but they now seem hollow and incomplete.

For the destination you seek can only be found on the journey inward, to know the depths of who you truly are.

To face the darkest parts of yourself and finally find the courage to free yourself from every aspect that holds you back from the fullness of your true expression.

And a life that is lived to your full potential. 

This can be a treacherous journey and many get stuck in loops of the maze of themselves, doomed to repeat the same patterns again and again. 

But you have come to the right place.

This is the space to join others who are on the path and be guided by one who is a master of this journey.  

Who can guide you out of the maze and lead you back to the true power within you. Turning all the keys heart, body, mind and soul. 

A death and rebirth, a phoenix from the ashes, the same you, but evolved. 

It is on the other side of this that you will truly see.

The one you emerge as will know what to do, who to be, and how to live. 

Because then and only then, will you truly know yourself. 

Will you truly know what you desire.

And creating from this place, is such sweet bliss. 

Your heart has led you to this place, this is your invitation as the path before you is unfolding. 

There will be trials and tribulations

But what waits for you on the other side is pure magic.

A life overflowing with peace, passion and fulfillment. Where what you create in your external world is simple a match for who you have become, one who lives in overflow.

"The world is made of magic, you just have to be brave enough to open your eyes and see it"



Lux Familia Includes:

  • 3x Lux Familia only Mastermind sessions per month

  • Guest Mastermind Sessions with Industry Leaders

  • 18 Mastermind Sessions (per 6 month term)

10k in Value


  • Access to private podcast stream with transformational audios and meditations that is continually updated

  • An amazing supportive community of heart led, conscious, ambitious beautiful humans who are on a similar path of awakening and soul remembering

  • Access to the ever evolving Authenticity Codes

  • Access to Vault of previous programs

  • Access to all new programs that are created during your term

3k in BonusValue

Programs Included:

Learn how to leverage your life experience to deepen your Authentic Power


Learn to master your relationship with guilt and shame so you can keep moving forwards


A guided hypnosis experience to remove deep blocks and embrace love and self acceptance


Decode confidence like never before. Find your voice and stand in your power


See reality through new eyes as you understand frequency and attraction in a whole new way


Get the full library of past programs to heal your wounds, find your gifts and accelerate your growth


And much more



Investment Options:





Pay in full for 6 months

*All prices are in USD

Founding Member Pricing

(minimum 6 month commitment)



Intuitive Healer & Speaker

Michael Edwards is a gifted healer and mentor who uses a unique blend of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Intuitive Guidance.

His work is lovingly called "The Michael Magic" by his clients as the experience of receiving a session is often profound yet sometimes unexplainable. It must be experienced to be understood.

Michael is proud to draw from a diverse background having trained with some of the best mentors in the world when it comes to mindset, business, leadership and personal and spiritual transformation. He combines this experience with his intuitive insight to create transformational experiences that are not soon forgotten.

As a retired choreographer he loves to bring creativity to his work and artistry and self expression into business. It is Michaels hope that this serves as an inspiration to others to break out of conventional molds and embrace the unique expression that lies within.

Come because you already have everything

You know you already are everything

You're already overflowing. Come and overflow your overflow

Come because you are called, not because anything is missing 

Come to be reminded again and again of who you are

Of what is possible

And to walk with those who know that a life of magic is the only reality

The game of authentic power is a game of deep attunement to self. The kind of attunement that is deeply nuanced. I have a deep sensitivity to that nuance

I will help, see you, calibrate you more finely to that perfect resonance of who you are. 

Not because anything is wrong. But because you know it can always be more right.